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I work as a Technical Staff I of Mathematical Statistics team, RIKEN center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP). I studied mathematical statistics in my bachelor's (2014, B. Eng., Osaka U.) and master's (2016, M. Eng., Osaka U.) under the supervision of Professor Hidetoshi Shimodaira, and I am currently studying theoretical aspects of machine learning towards doctoral degree. I am mainly interested in NeurIPS, ICML, AISTATS and IJCAI, and I have regularly participated in (domestic) JJSM and IBIS. My recent works have focused on feature learning methods, including graph embedding and correlation analysis; I have also participated in some research projects on NLP and CV. For details, please see my research projects, publications, and past presentations.

理化学研究所革新知能統合研究センター(AIP)数理統計学チーム (PI: 下平英寿教授) でテクニカルスタッフIをしています. 2014年に学士,2016年に修士課程を卒業し 2017年4月-2019年3月には学術振興会特別研究員(DC2)を拝命していました. 元々は数理統計学を勉強していましたが,最近は統計的機械学習で博士号取得を目指しています. 主に興味のある国際学会はNeurIPS, ICML, AISTATS, IJCAIで, 国内学会では毎年,統計関連学会連合大会 (JJSM) と 情報論的学習理論ワークショップ (IBIS) に参加しています. 数理統計と機械学習の境界領域に興味があり,共著で自然言語処理や画像処理の研究に参加したこともあります. オフィスの本棚はこのようになっており,他にも置き場のない本がロッカーに積んであります. 研究の詳細は研究課題出版物過去の発表などを御覧ください.

Personal Information

  • Name : Akifumi Okuno (奥野彰文)
  • Nationality : Japanese
  • Email : oknakfm [at]
  • [Google Scholar] [Research Gate] [DBLP]
  • Address : Room #111, Research Building 15, Main Campus of Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan.
  • Reviewer of AISTATS2019, ICML2019, ACML2019, AAAI2020, AISTATS2020, JJSD, Machine Learning and Neural Networks.


Research projects of mine have focused on graph embedding (GE) and their theoretical aspects.


  1. Geewook Kim, Akifumi Okuno, Kazuki Fukui, and Hidetoshi Shimodaira. "Representation Learning with Weighted Inner Product for Universal Approximation of General Similarities," Proceedings of the Twenty-Eighth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), 2019, pages 5031-5038.
    [Proceedings] [arXiv:1902.10409]
  2. Akifumi Okuno and Hidetoshi Shimodaira. "Robust Graph Embedding with Noisy Link Weights." 22nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS), Okinawa, Japan, 2019, PMLR 89:664-673.
    [Proceedings] [arXiv:1902.08440]
  3. Akifumi Okuno, Geewook Kim, and Hidetoshi Shimodaira. "Graph Embedding with Shifted Inner Product Similarity and Its Improved Approximation Capability," 22nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS), Okinawa, Japan, 2019, PMLR 89:644-653.
    [Proceedings] [arXiv:1810.03463]
  4. Akifumi Okuno, Tetsuya Hada, and Hidetoshi Shimodaira. "A probabilistic framework for multi-view feature learning with many-to-many associations via neural networks," 35th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), Stockholm, Sweden, 2018, PMLR 80:3888-3897.
    [Proceedings] [arXiv:1802.04630] (selected for long talk)
  5. Kazuki Fukui, Akifumi Okuno, and Hidetoshi Shimodaira. "Image and tag retrieval by leveraging image-group links with multi-domain graph embedding," Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), Phoenix, AZ, USA, 2016, pp. 221-225. doi: 10.1109/ICIP.2016.7532351.

IJCAI, AISTATS, and ICML are selected as priorized 21 international academic conferences in Google AI Talent Report 2019. Current CORE rating of IJCAI is "A* (flagship)", AISTATS "A (excellent)", ICML "A* (flagship)", and ICIP "B (good)".

  1. Akifumi Okuno and Hidetoshi Shimodaira. "On representation power of neural network-based graph embedding and beyond," ICML 2018 workshop on Theoretical Foundations and Applications of Deep Generative Models. 13 pages.
    [Accepted Papers (14.)] [arXiv:1805.12332]
  1. Akifumi Okuno and Hidetoshi Shimodaira. "Hyperlink Regression via Bregman Divergence," submitted. 34 pages.
  1. Kim Geewook, 奥野彰文, 下平英寿. 擬ユークリッド空間への単語埋め込み. 言語処理学会第25回年次大会論文集.日本言語処理学会,2019年3月.4 pages. [論文]
  2. 福井一輝, 奥野彰文, 下平英寿. マッチング相関分析を用いた画像-マルチタグ間の相互検索. 電子情報通信学会和文論文誌D. 研究速報 (レター), 電子情報通信学会, 2016年8月号. 4 pages. [研究速報 (レター)]


Invited talks and awards are listed only in my CV. In the following lists, ◯ represents the presenter, and my name is underlined.

Latest update: Dec. 31st, 2019.

  1. ◯Akifumi Okuno TBA. Advances in Information Geometry 2020, Tokyo, Japan.

The following list excludes above publications.

  1. ◯Akifumi Okuno Bregman Hyperlink Regression and Its Expressive Power (invited, joint work with H. Shimodaira and G. Kim), at ACML 2019 Workshop on Statistics and Machine Learning Researchers in Japan, Nagoya, Japan, in Nov., 2019. Oral.
  2. ◯Akifumi Okuno. Hyperlink Regression via Bregman Divergence. (joint work with H. Shimodaira), at RIKEN-AIP workshop, Genoa, Italy. September, 2019. Poster.
  3. ◯Akifumi Okuno. Graph Embedding with Shifted Inner Product Similarity and Its Improved Approximation Capability. (invited, joint work with H. Shimodaira and G. Kim) Workshop on Functional Inference and Machine Intelligence, Tokyo, Japan. March, 2019. Oral.
  4. ◯Akifumi Okuno and Hidetoshi Shimodaira. Leveraging local data structure for multi-view analysis with many-to-many associations, Conference of the International Federation of Classification Societies (IFCS), Tokyo, Japan. August, 2017. Poster.
  5. ◯Tetsuya Hada, Akifumi Okuno and Hidetoshi Shimodaira. Deep Multi-view Representation Learning Based on Adaptive Weighted Similarity, First International Workshop on Symbolic-Neural Learning (SNL), Nagoya, Japan. August, 2017. [Abstract] Oral.
  6. ◯Akifumi Okuno and Hidetoshi Shimodaira. Statistical consistency of multi-view correlation analysis with many-to-many associations, Joint Statistical Meeting (JSM), Baltimore, USA. August, 2017. [Abstract] Poster.
  7. ◯Akifumi Okuno and Hidetoshi Shimodaira. Robust Multi-view Graph Embedding, International Conference on Robust Statistics (ICoRS), Wollongong, Australia. July, 2017. [slides] Oral.
  8. ◯Akifumi Okuno and Hidetoshi Shimodaira. Robust cross-domain matching: Analyzing multi-domain data vectors under mismatched associations. Machine Learning Summer School 2015, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan. August, 2015. Poster.
  1. ◯奥野彰文, 矢野恵佑, 下平英寿. "ノンパラメトリックなリンク回帰とその理論的性質について" (1-073), at IBISML2019, 名古屋, 2019年11月. (優秀プレゼンテーション賞)
  2. ◯前田篤刀, 奥野彰文, 伊森晋平, 下平英寿. "深層ニューラルネットを用いたマルチタスク距離学習の理論解析" (1-024), at IBISML2019, 名古屋, 2019年11月.
  3. ◯田中卓磨, 奥野彰文, 福井一輝, Kim Geewook, 下平英寿. "マルチスケールk-近傍法を用いた画像のタグ推定" (1-115), at IBISML2019, 名古屋, 2019年11月.
  4. ◯水谷守裕, 奥野彰文, 福井一輝, Kim Geewook,金沢朋実, 白石友一, 岡田眞里子, 下平英寿, "グラフと近傍グラフの確率的同時埋め込みによるマルチモーダルデータの可視化" (1-120), at IBISML2019, 名古屋, 2019年11月.
  5. 奥野彰文, Kim Geewook, 下平英寿. "ニューラルネットワークを用いたグラフ埋め込みの表現能力とその拡張". 統計関連学会連合大会2019. 彦根, 2019年9月. [Abst]
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